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Poker Bonuses – How To Choose A Good Bonus?

Poker bonuses are proposed by a lot of poker rooms. Their value varies from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. Of course, these bonuses are not a given poker player without any condition and it is often difficult to know what a bonus is, and how easy it is to get it. A $ 2000 bonus looks great, but what if it’s impossible to clear? How do you know which one you can get and how many hours do you have? We will answer all theses questions and give the elements to understand, interpret, and evaluate such an offer.

We will then consider a real bonus.As mentioned before, a poker bonus is associated with the terms and conditions that represent the requirements that can be cleared. Any time you consider getting a bonus, you should read the terms and conditions pkv games, not only to find out what is proposed but also to be clear. Let’s Decode What You Can Find In The Rules And Conditions Of Example A Random Poker Room Offering A 100% Bonus Up To $ 200:

100% means that the bonus will correspond to 100% of the value of your deposit. If you deposit more than $ 200, you still have a bonus of $ 200. If you deposit less than $ 200, you get a bonus corresponding to the amount you deposit;
Most of the time, it’s a welcome bonus, also called a first time deposit bonus. If you can only take advantage of this is the poker room at the first time you deposit some money. They are usually created to encourage players to subscribe to the room and play with real money. Another type of bonus is a reload bonus, where the poker room proposes an additional deposit for it. There are other types of bonuses but for the sake of simplicity, we won’t mention them;
Most of the time, there are time constraints to clear a bonus, starting from the moment you made the deposit. In general, you have between 15 days to 2 months before it expires;
Depending on the system used by the poker room, you have a certain amount of hands to play, or a certain amount of points to reach before you get a bonus in a lump sum or fragment.
Despite all these restrictions, poker bonuses can still be very lucrative. It is extremely difficult to compare the bonuses listed in all the poker rooms, but with the example given below, you should be able to understand at least what is proposed. A poker room proposes a welcome bonus: 100%, up to $ 1000, 60 days to clear it, 13x (with terms and conditions that are not listed here). It means:

This is a first deposit bonus and 100% up to $ 1000 correspondence to the bonus that will match your deposit up to $ 1000, with 60 days to clear it, in a lump sum;
Every 13 raked hands will play clear $ 1 (it is the 13x notation). So, if you deposit $ 500, you get a $ 500 bonus and you have to play 500 * 13 = 6500 raked hands. As mentioned in the terms and conditions of this website, a raked hand is “a hand in which a player has dealt cards and the pot has been raked at least $ 0.25”. This means that you will have more hands on it than there are some hands on the rack below $ 0.25. In order to evaluate the bonus, a knowledge of the equivalence of the actual hands played and the raked hand is as necessary as it is more important for the player to know how many real hands he will have. This is where it gets complicated and it depends on the poker rooms. The only solution is to look for this specific information (in forums, or in specialized web sites, …). In this particular case, based on the players experience, it is generally accepted that, in this poker room, 1 raked hand is equivalent to 4 real hands at NL50, or 3 real hands at NL100 or 2.5 real hands at NL200, … Basically , if you play NL100, you can clear the $ 500 bonus playing 500 * 13 * 4 = 26000 real poker hands.
In general, once you know the number of hands you have to play in order to clear a bonus, you can easily estimate the number of hours you have to play. With the previous example, if we need to play 26000 hands and we play 3 simultaneous tables at NL100, knowing that 100 hands per hour are played, the player would need about 26000 / (100 * 3) = 86.6h. Then, we can go even further by taking into account a player of habits. We know that he has to play 87h within 60 days to clear it, so he has to play about 10 hours a week to clear it. Poker bonuses are a big part of online poker and there are many offers on top of these bonuses. It is worth visiting web sites like http://www.rakeracepoker.com to order as much as possible and as much as possible.

The author is an expert in evaluating poker bonuses and promotions.